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Masters in manifold solutions

Welcome on our website on which you will find all products and services on instrumentation solutions and also the latest developments and news in this area. Multi Instruments Instrumentation is part of the Multi Instruments Holding company, together with Multi Instruments Analytical and Multi Instruments Manufacturing.

Masters in manifold solutions

In a market where workmanship, qualified personel, labour costs, time and/or cost savings are of the essence, Multi Instruments Instrumentation focuses on supplying complete instrumentation solutions, rather then selling single instrumentation components. Of course the market for manifolds is often considered a commodity one, resulting often in chaos on site, where a non-specialised contractor has to spend a lot of time and manpower to make heads or tails from all separate components, resulting in mistakes, wrong assembling, leakage, loss of parts and sometimes even dangerous or lethal and therefore costly failures. That is where the expertise and supply program of Multi Instruments Instrumentation comes to the rescue. No hassle on site, a "plug-and-play" solution delivered to the contractor/end-user, ready for installation, tagged, tested, well documented and assembled completely.

One stop global shopping

To be able to supply complete manifold solutions it is essential that all components within that solution are designed to match each other.That is where Multi Instruments Instrumentation differs from its competitors, as all products and parts used within instrumentation assemblies are engineered, produced and tested in-house, making it a perfect fit. This means that you only need to deal with one supplier to get a fully engineered and documented solution to your manifold problems, which makes procurement and expediting a lot more efficient. You'll only deal with the best partner in the manifold solution business. A partner that is globally qualified for the job, having the European ISO9001, PED and ATEX certifications, the Russian GOST-R and Application Permits and CSA explosion proof certification for the USA and Canadian market.



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