DIF - Differential Integral Flow

The DIF is the world’s first Differential Pressure Flow  instrument manifold to fully integrate API607 Fire Safe piping root valves with instrumentation calibration into a single piece body design.


Designed to work with both parallel tap orifice flange, and orifice changer designs, as well as other technologies like V-Cone meters, the DIF is an extremely versatile fit for all of your DP flow applications. The single piece body is connected to taps by a stabilized or welded  connection system providing increased ruggedness, durability, and reliability to ensure years of trouble free service even in the most difficult applications.

• Reliability
• Accuracy

• Safety

• Leaks
• Cost
• Space
• Weight

See the DIF-ference

The only single piece Double Block and Bleed, Piping
approved DP manifold.

Flowschema MD41 DIF

Flange connectors DIF