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Since 1988 Multi Instruments is the “one stop supplier” for complete turn-key instrumentation solutions.
Multi Instruments Instrumentation B.V., together with Multi Instruments Manufacturing (Schiedam) and Multi Instruments Inc. (Alberta – Canada), are part of the Multi Instruments Holding company.

Welcome to Multi Instruments Instrumentation

Multi Instruments Instrumentation focuses on supplying complete Turnkey instrumentation solutions, rather than selling single instrumentation components.

Our focus:

  • Providing “One stop shopping solutions”, ready for installation, tagged, leak tested, fully documented and completely assembled
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Minimizing your risk (costly failures) by making Flawless start up possible
  • Making it a perfect match of our manifolds & monoflanges with every well-known brand of Transmitters and wide range of instruments

This means that your organization only needs to deal with one supplier to get a fully engineered and documented solution to your manifold problems, which makes procurement and expediting a lot more efficient. You’ll only deal with the best partner in the manifold solution business.

A partner that is globally qualified for the job, having the European ISO9001, PED and ATEX certifications, the EAC approvals and CSA (US) for the USA and Canadian market + Canada wide CRN approval.




Our main office in Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Multi Instruments Manufacturing

Multi Instruments Manufacturing (Schiedam, The Netherlands) designs and produces our high-quality instrument valves, manifolds and monoflanges. For production we use state-of-the-art, highly automated CNC controlled multi-axis milling stations, supported by an ultra-modern 3D CAD design system.

Since the MI-Manufacturing was founded in 1955, we have worked hard to gain maximum experience and expertise in milling, turning and working with all types of stainless steels and other exotic alloys, as well as learning the specific chemical and mechanical properties of these materials for high pressure and/or corrosive applications.

Our complete organization holds design, production and safety certifications, e.g.:

Multi Instruments Inc. – Alberta – Canada

Multi Instruments Inc. is the Canada, North and South America division and strategically located in St. Albert – Alberta, near the heart of Canada’s oil and gas production, refining and shipping hub. 

Multi Instruments is ready to take care of all your customer’s instrumentation installation needs.

Multi Instruments provides fully engineered solutions for installing instrumentation into any environment. From a simple pressure transmitter to a fully winterised flow or level installation our turnkey solutions allow our customers to greatly reduce the costs and risks that today’s demanding projects often encounter.

The Multi Instruments Difference:    In today’s global marketplace it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the final installation of your instruments meets the increasingly stringent quality and reliability standards that are necessary to ensure a successful project.

Multi Instruments’ unique solution is our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. All components, including our manifolds, heaters and enclosures function as a single system. Now, one supplier can provide you with an engineered, tested and fully documented solution for any manifold installation.Among many others, we comply to USA/Canada CSA and have CRN (Canada Wide) registration.