Close coupled

Monoflange manifolds can directly be mounted to a flanged process connection. Flange dimensions of ½” up to 3″ are available in combination with different pressure ratings (e.g. 150# up to 2500#) and flange finishes (e.g. RF, FF and RTJ). Flanges can be made as per international standards like ASME, API and EN1092-1.

IVGA01, IVGA02, MP00, MP21 “pancake” are mostly used to mount threaded pressure instruments direct to a flanged process connection or on a fire safe flanged process valve. Often used valve configurations are SBB (Single Block & Bleed) and for MP00 and MP21 also: DBB (Double Block & Bleed). In this type of NON “fire safe” applications models MP00 and MP21 will have regular valve heads; “NVP” and “NVG” code.

The close coupled way of mounting pressure instruments combines a pressure or dP/flow/level manifold with a fire safe process valve. It is the perfect combination of a DBB root valve, fittings, process tubing, manifold with bracket into one(1) unit. This gives huge savings (up to 40%) in material, installation costs, weight and space. It reduces possible leakage points to a minimum.

The primary isolation valve consists of a Fire Safe Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y) needle type valve. Standard PTFE or Grafoil secondary valve heads make SB, SBB, DB, and DBB configurations possible. It is further possible to make the secondary valve head also of the OS&Y valve type.

  • MP00 Monoflange for direct mounting of threaded pressure instrument or to be used as process valve.
  • MP21 “Pancake” Monoflange for direct mounting of threaded pressure instruments by means of a positionable integrated gauge adapter. (e.g. male, female, NPT & BSP.P EN837-1)
  • MP00, MP01 “Double Flanged” monoflange for mounting of flanged Diaphragm Seals or flanged pressure instruments. All in one(1) integration of process valve and drip ring. Can also be used as an expander for e.g. 2″ process and 3″ seal connection.
  • MP21″half DIN19213″, MP22, MP23 Monoflange for mounting of direct mounted model (DIN19213) pressure transmitter or through EP integral mount style.
  • MD41, MD42, MD59, MD69 Monoflanges for creating a dP/flow/level close coupled hook up. To be combined with the MP00 model on the low pressure side.