Body Enclosures

The Multi Instruments body enclosure heats those parts which are really essential: “The wetted parts”. (fittings, manifold, transmitter flange and membrane(s)).

The body enclosure consists of two mirror image parts manufactured in a flame retardant, anti-static and impact resistant and light weight black synthetic material called Nyrim 2000®. The easy snap locks allow quick removal of each side, offering maximum access of the instruments inside. Tailor made openings for your instrument can be machined into the body at customer request. Stainless catch lines prevent the body shell parts to fall down or get lost during maintenance.

To ensure “Plug-and-Play” installation on-site we are specialised in custom made instrument hookup services. Your (free issue supplied) instrument(s) will be fitted onto the appropriate manifold, stainless steel mounting plate and together with other requested options completely assembled, tagged and tested to your specifications.

Main advantages of the body enclosure:

  • Compact design (low volume and low weight)
  • Low cost as compared with “expensive” GRP enclosures with
    “expensive” EEx space heaters. Savings about 30%
  • Low power consumption because 48 Watt and
    29 Watt contact heaters are used.
  • Possibility for process heated assemblies up to 115°C (240°F)

Optional features:

  • Integral 15 mm hard PUR insulation shell. (BE2 & BE4 models)
  • Heating with electric EEx (ATEX/CSA/GOST-EX) contact heater (T3 or T4), steam heater or electric heating cable.
  • Junction box for heater connection and power supply for tracing on impulse lines (optional).
  • Impulse line and compression type fittings outlet insulation cover (IK-1)
  • Sunshade (Synthetic or stainless steel)