Multi Instruments is a key player in providing certified measurements. As soon as a QAL1, QAL2 and QAL3 have to be met, we are a full partner. We have a lot of knowledge in-house as soon as reports have to be made to the competent authority. Many of our analyzers have a TUV QAL1 certificate, but important is good guidance. We have many options such as an ERS (Emission Registration System) system.

Also important is our 24/7 service support that we offer in a contract. This service is an important point, because this type of measurement has clear conditions for exceedances, and there can often only be 10 outage days per year. It is also important that during the design of a system with QAL1 certificate, careful consideration is given to the operational reliability. We also give courses on QAL (Quality Assurance Level) and as Multi Instruments we participate in the NEN standards committee

Our added vallue:

  • Technically oriented organization. We have been around since 1988
    Own service department with 9 experienced service engineers
    A 24/7 call-out service, in which there is direct contact with a competent service engineer in the event of a malfunction.
    Full partner to the competent authority
    Active member in NEN sub-committees regarding EN14181 / EN15267
    Full configuration of ERS (emission registration system) in-house in accordance with EN17255
    Full turnkey project facilities in-house. (assignment, engineering, installation, start up, training and guidance QAL2.
    We can completely unburden you if desired



  • Systems for one or more gases
    CEMS (continuous emission monitor system) for various gases
    Dust measurement
    CxHy analysers

Below are some links for more information about QAL1

Example for a QAL1 CEMS MSC200


Dust measurement- QAL1

look here on the German TUV QAL1 website

Goverment Activiteiten besluit

An example for Emissie meting grote stookinstallaties