This slimline monoflange Differential Pressure close coupled manifold is designed to replace all standard valve assemblies which are usually needed for a differential pressure measurement into one single monoflange/manifold. It is a combination of the primary process isolation valve (OS&Y), a bleed, secondary valve and a double block/equalize/double vent configuration, all integrated in one piece body.

The main advantages are less leaking points, weight saving and reduction in installation and maintenance time and costs.


Per default: Vent and/or test ports will be 1/4” thread size. See ordering information on the back of this specification sheet for connection types available.

Pressure vs. Temperature Diagram

Design features

  • Self aligning metal seats
  • Compact Design
  • Non-rotating spindle tip
  • Metal seal between body and bonnet
  • Bonnet Locking pins
  • Safety back seating T-Bar and Anti-Tamper operated valves
  • Fire safe OS&Y Primary valve
  • Full traceability of all materials
  • 100% pressure tested (1,5 x MWP)


  • Flanges according ANSI, EN1092-1 and JIS
  • Flange sizes from 1/2”(DN15) up to 3”(DN80)
  • Direct mounted transmitter connections and also Rosemount Integral mount / coplanar style
  • Pressure rating from 150# up to 2500#
  • Available in e.g. Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex or Alloy 825/625 compliant materials
  • High temperature up to 450°C (Graphite packing)
  • High pressure up to 10.000 PSI
  • Fugitive Emission design (class AH)

Valve diagram



Measuring range
see data sheet
Measuring principal
OFCEAS laser
ambient temperature
10°C ... +40°C
Possible interfaces
Ethernet, ModBus (TCP/IP, RS), analog, USB
Power Supply
110–230V AC / 50–60 Hz
Analog outputs
4 ... 20mA; max. load 500Ω
Detection limit
see parameter
Respons time
< 10 sec
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Rack 19inch, 4U or cabinet
20 kg (analyzer)

MD51 Monoflange for creating a dP/flow/level close coupled hook up.
DBB or SBB monoflange configuration combined with Double Isolate / Equalize / Double Vent manifold valve configuration.
To be combined with the MP00 model on the low pressure side.